How to fix your stress in Uncertain Times

We are living in uncertain times, that’s for sure.

Now is the time that we need to be more disciplined in everything we do.

Stop and analyze your time and how you spend it.

Are you hiding and worrying about things you can’t control ? like what our government is doing.

How can you fix this?

Pause and sit quietly and take count of what will makes your life and the lives of those you love better.

Once you have done this, make a list of the problems as you see them on a piece of paper- not your phone.

Make this list your map to being a happier and less worried person. Post it on your refrigerator or on the bathroom mirror.

Number each item in order of importance. Spend some real time thinking on each task, be specific in the details,

Now make a new list with the highest priority as # 1 and so on down the list.

Now work on fixing the # 1 thing that’s causing you stress until it’s gone.

Rinse and repeat.. it’s important that you don’t work on the other things until you have fixed the # 1 thing.

This is an age old technique that has proven to work every time…

Best wishes,

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