Lesson on failing forward from John Maxwell and the Youth Max Team.

This lesson as I personally see it,

Everybody fails, its a fact of life. What we do with this experience defines our future and or growth.

Fact 1. Everybody fails.

Fact 2. Nobody enjoys it.

Fact 3. Anybody can fail forward

We as adult leaders need to let kids know its an essential process to success. it may be the most important thing you ever teach your children.

Think of all the great people in history who were great failures.

Abraham lincoln,

Ray Crock,

Thomas Edison,

Alexander Grahm Bell

Einstein, Col.Sanders

Isacc Newton

The Wright brothers

Name taken from web page http://www.Developinggoodhabit.com

Just to mention a few people that we think of great successes, and the list is endless.

The one thing they all have in common is the tenacity to never, ever, Quit.

This is one of the most critical things we can teach our children.

Please, never, ever, allow yourself to condemn them for trying and failing.  Alway, be supportive and encouraging when they fail at anything. tell them they will do it better next time and encourage that next time to happen right away!

Teach them that every failure is a learning experience and that they should try, fail, evaluate and then repeat the process until they get it. Another thing that is important to remember is that winners never QUIT and that Quitters never win.

We have all seen a stranger berating their child in public. unfortunately, they never had anyone teach them that failure is not an option when it comes to giving their child a sense of self-worth, hope, and security.

My hope is that you will never be that person and I pray for these unfortunate little children who eventually grow with this kind of parent. Is it any wonder why we see so much anger, hatred, and violence in our schools today?

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God Bless,



Todays Podcast From John Maxwell is, Leading through change



My, notes and thoughts from John this morning after listening to this morning podcast.

Here is an interesting list of facts as he sees it.

John says in this podcast that innovators are only 2 % of the people in most organizations.

These people see the problem and seek to find ways to implement it.

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He goes onto say that 13% are early adopters, and we need these people to win whatever change we are looking tom make.

Next, we have the early majority wich he says equal 14% and they are a more obvious way to see the effectiveness of the plan.

Next, we have the later majority which equals 34% and the laggard ard 16%.

My thought here is that 50% of people really don’t seem to care much about change actually wanting to avoid it.  As work to develop my  Mentoring For Change program and helping young people change their current habits in order to have a better life that  It is very obvious to me now that  I will be going up against the larger majority who don’t want change.  So far where I live there is not much help from people in the community. With the exception of a few men, most of the time I feel like I’m going at this alone other than with God.

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An Interview with John Maxwell and the Questions people ask him and my interpretation of his response.

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  1. Asking Questions communicate  a respectful commitment to assist people on there walk.
  2. Asking Questions develop humility and give the leader a  habit of  showing respect to people and  answers.
  3. Question allow for openness and vulnerability.
  4. Asking Questions create awareness.
  5. Asking Question challenge mindsets, everyday we need to break our routine and step out of our comfort zone.
  6. Asking Questions create great problem solvers.
  7. Have your people create 3 solutions on their own before they come to you and ask regardless of their own awareness before coming to you..
  8. What is the one book that you would want to take with you if you were going to be stranded on a deserted island
  9. What is the favorite question that you would like to answer to help another person.
  10.  introverts and weaknesses. going into the moment with front end thinking… anticipate and have a plan of response.
  11. owning  the confidence.

On offering advice on owning the moment if you are an  introvert..

Reminding yourself that taking action becomes easier as you practice it.,

Quote: You can always recover from a mistake, but  you can’t recover from something they didn’t do.

John, the  5 most important books that he has written.

21 laws of leadership=

Today matters =attitude

15 laws of growth=

Failing forward = attitude

How to think successfully=


Why I Love, love, love podcast…


Podcast are the newest wave of technology advancements.

I listen to podcast every day! no exceptions.. Its like eating or drinking water for me. Long ones, short ones, funny, entertaining and smart one’s. Why?

Because as we learn and grow its proven that the more you absorb a topic or discussion the more it becomes part of our consciousness that  affects the way we think act and grow.

I have enclosed a list of my favorites for you to check out.. along with a short description.. I hope you will check them out and find the ones that speak to you…

You can find these on I-tunes, your phone or other electronic device.

Developing leader, Impacting kids.

Dr Wayne Dyer, One the Icons in the world of personal development

Disciple Makers podcast, Great for those wishing to have impact in others Live in Christ.

Gretchen Ruiben Meet the author.

Leading the next generation, Directed towards leading the youth of tomorrow

Master of scale with Reid Hoffman. Heavy duty Business chat, Reid is the founder of Linked in and his guest are of the highest leaders in the country and the world.

Lead like jesus, For christian leaders

Sonlife, Christian leaders

The Disciple Maker’s Podcast, For Christian Leaders

North Point community church, Christian descipleship.

Entre Leadership,  Leadership from the Dave Ramsey group. Not their financial  peace university chat.

Nutrition fact’s with Dr. Gregor. This is a podcastfor people that want to take their health to another level.. Its amazing!

Rise podcast.. This is focused

Rise together Podcast Rachael and Dave Hollis, Lady this is the one you have always wanted.. check it out

TED Talks Business,  Technology, Education,  Health… wonderful show from top innovators.

The Kevin Rose show, Business and health hacks,

The John Maxwell Leadership Podcast, focuded on developing leaders,

The Science of Success- Love this podcast, offering a variety of great gusest in the world of success..

The Tim Ferris Show, One of my oldest and favorites. Tim is an Icon the the world of business, growth,health, and success with names youll know..

The Tony Robbins Podcast, every knows Tony Robins,.

Well that’s abpout it.. still watvhing for others that are great but check some out and see if podcast work for you…I find doing chores, working in the yard, taking a walk, driving.. are all good ways to listen to podcast.

Look forward to my next Blog, where I share with you  ways to get great audio books right on your phone or tablet. for FREE yes I said FREE it wonderful so check back soon..

Peace To you all..


Bullys, How do the schools miss this.

President Trump on the shooting if Florida schoolPresident Trump on the shooting if Florida school


We are all in shock, once again. Another angry teen who has taken his frustration, anger and life pain out in a horrible way.  The shooting is just one of too many that have happened in our public schools.  These  incidents that ring too loud in out ears and hearts. At the root of all these story’s is BULLYING when then were in the young years of their lives.  Whether from peers or parents. This cycle  needs to stop!

The Journey Begins



The journey begins with the defining of your life’s course and the plan of where you want to be in 10, 20, 30, 50 years down the road of life. When you know where you want to end up its much easier to go there in a straighter line and  use less energy getting there.



Moving Forward with passion


In life we are always moving.  I liken moving forward In  a predetermined  direction like this photograph. It has order, precision and direction. Will your life have formation and order or will you wander around in circles. The choice is yours. Make one.

Call me and we can discuss how you can put your life in a  positive trajectory.





Have you ever noticed how some people just get on and go for it.  That’s  one of the key ingredients that it takes to be a success.  Now,  I don’t suggest that you  purchase a dirt bike and try what these people are doing to start with but get started , train, study, practice, and love your craft, whatever it is.   Have a passion? GET ON IT. pexels-photo-139976.jpeg

Steering Wheel

Steering wheels  come in all sizes shapes and colors but one thing hasn’t changed in a 100 years. They steer the vehicle, boat, plane etc. Life however is not that cut and dried. You steer your life with the choices, actions and dedication that you apply.

A mentorship is a bit like a driving lesson that can help you navigate life with a straighter course.

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