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So this morning I found this interesting app called my crew. It’s a guided program walks you through setting up your own personal growth program. I found it from the Bible app under the heading

Lifting others up!

“If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else. _ Booker T Washington(1856-1915)

Lifting another person up may be the most important step to growth that I know of. Think about it!  When we lift someone else we put them first and we are contributing to their betterment, not ours. (growth) This simple act of selflessness will always be rewarded by the universe and by God.  However, be mindful not to focus the doing on rewards,  just do it because you love to help other people and the rewards will come. They have for me and they will for you..have a blessed day!


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Today I will

Be Kinder, to everyone that I encounter.

Love more, my family, my circle and others.

Reach out, to a friend that I haven’t seen in a while.

Stand Up,  for someone less fortunate.

Accept, my weakness’s and fears.

Encourage, another and myself..

Walk slower, so I can better smell the Roses,

Believe, that I can make a difference.

Trust, that Jesus was crucified, died and rose from the grave to save the world.


Today I will..

By Rod Dion

Lost and Found


You’ve heard the expression once I was lost and now I’m found. We’ve all heard it! I’m not exactly sure that we all get this quote. But I’m going to put my spin on it. As we grow, develop, learn and progress through our life hopefully we find IT.

My story is not unlike a lot of you. I’ve heard it said we all had grappa childhoods yes grappy.

We all reach for the feeling of worth and significance or the lack of it. We are trying to find it.  At least that was me.

 I would like to share a personal story with you.

5 years ago I became  very sick, the doctor’s prognosis was not good.  My father died at an early age of Lewe body dementia and Parkinson’s after spending three years in nursing care.

At one point in my sickness, I didn’t speak for nearly 4 weeks, I was kind of in a catatonic state according to my family who was caring for me.

In desperation, I was taken to a healing conference on the mountain that I lived at for 10 years and something was taken off of me. I could actually feel it leave me.

I believe the Grace of God took these afflictions from me and put me on my current path of trying to help others.Today, I praise God every day for saving me from an agonizing and uncertain death.

My business life prior to moving to Colorado was very successful financially and I my services was in high demand and Financially rewarding. 

I’ve already had these things and they didn’t really make me fulfilled or satisfied.


It’s been said the two most important times in your life was the day you were born and the day you figure out why. I figured out why.

It’s hard to build an organization without financial assistance. But-its my-opinion is that as long as I’m not asking for your or anyone else’s money that I can do this and not be seen in the negative way that so many people, businesses or churches are looked upon. We think there just doing this for the money and there are a lot that are* However, I do believe it’s possible to make a difference in the lives of people, children, family, community and the world if we work together and STAND UP.

So. Once I was lost and now I am found.

According to one of my medical Drs. and I quote

I must’ve been misdiagnosed because no one ever comes back from those diseases.

Well, I’m back and going strong thanks to the grace of God who wasn’t done with me.

Be blessed.


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