Vision and Faith are the most important elements of success


First you must have a vision of what you want to accomplish and second you must have faith that you will accomplish your task in the long run from  wisdom from  “John Maxwell”  mentors in motion  Feb12018  I will add my thought is that you must have follow through and discipline to keep them both together.. RD



Have you ever noticed how some people just get on and go for it.  That’s  one of the key ingredients that it takes to be a success.  Now,  I don’t suggest that you  purchase a dirt bike and try what these people are doing to start with but get started , train, study, practice, and love your craft, whatever it is.   Have a passion? GET ON IT. pexels-photo-139976.jpeg

Steering Wheel

Steering wheels  come in all sizes shapes and colors but one thing hasn’t changed in a 100 years. They steer the vehicle, boat, plane etc. Life however is not that cut and dried. You steer your life with the choices, actions and dedication that you apply.

A mentorship is a bit like a driving lesson that can help you navigate life with a straighter course.

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