An Interview with John Maxwell and the Questions people ask him and my interpretation of his response.

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  1. Asking Questions communicate  a respectful commitment to assist people on there walk.
  2. Asking Questions develop humility and give the leader a  habit of  showing respect to people and  answers.
  3. Question allow for openness and vulnerability.
  4. Asking Questions create awareness.
  5. Asking Question challenge mindsets, everyday we need to break our routine and step out of our comfort zone.
  6. Asking Questions create great problem solvers.
  7. Have your people create 3 solutions on their own before they come to you and ask regardless of their own awareness before coming to you..
  8. What is the one book that you would want to take with you if you were going to be stranded on a deserted island
  9. What is the favorite question that you would like to answer to help another person.
  10.  introverts and weaknesses. going into the moment with front end thinking… anticipate and have a plan of response.
  11. owning  the confidence.

On offering advice on owning the moment if you are an  introvert..

Reminding yourself that taking action becomes easier as you practice it.,

Quote: You can always recover from a mistake, but  you can’t recover from something they didn’t do.

John, the  5 most important books that he has written.

21 laws of leadership=

Today matters =attitude

15 laws of growth=

Failing forward = attitude

How to think successfully=


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